• Interview with Deborah Maufi

    You are also a health project manager and a chief medical officer at Babymoon Care. How do you help this particular business?

    My role at Babymoon is to develop and implement health care strategies for baby wearing. Ordinary baby-carriers are just a means of transport, but we believe that they are much more than that. Think about premature babies that are kept in incubators. Babymoon’s solutions allow an infant to achieve healthier outcomes psychically, emotionally and socially through the skin-to-skin contact with a parent, which is also a more cost-effective tool that can replace incubators (in less severe cases). This also benefits developing countries, which can’t afford incubators, but can easily adopt baby-carriers. There is so much evidence about it. The idea originated in Colombia and has been there for years, but only now the World Health Organization actually recommends it as a cost-effective solution for premature babies.

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