The Babymoon TICKS

At Babymoon we take infant safety personally, and without compromise. At the core of our product design process, first and foremost, is ensuring your baby is safe. We have stringently applied essential safety rules in our designs, and have brought them to life with the support of Babywearing Consultants, healthcare professionals and parents.

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To prevent accidental falls, our hammock design, material selections and top rail support ensures that baby is held upright and firm enough that they are held safely against the wearer.


In view at all times

To ensure you can monitor their breathing, and to keep an eye out for their cues, Babymoon holds baby’s head upright and visible to the wearer. A head support, combined with the top rail support ensures correct positioning.


Close enough to kiss

The best thing about our XO range! The firm positioning, even weight distribution helps keep baby in a position where you can you lower your head and kiss the top of their head. Easy adjustments help you get the optimum positioning for you both.


Keep chin off chest

Babymoon keeps your baby in an upright position, with their spine curved and legs squatting, as approved by the IHDI [any spinal development accreditation we can get]. This firm positioning will reduce the likelihood that babys chin will drop, and will help maintain a two finger gap between their chin and chest.


Supported back

Our buckle system enables you to make adjustments to the fit and positioning of baby to your body. The [section] in our [Pocket Consultant/community/support] App walks you through positioning advice from a baby consultant (approved) to ensure you get the right balance between comfort and safety.