The benefits of babywearing with Babymoon


Reducing the potential for flat head syndrome

Studies have shown that Infants who spend too much time in car seats, bouncy seats, and infant swings are prone to flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). This is a flat spot on the head that can occur if an infant is positioned in the same way for extended periods of time. Babymoon enables you to carry your baby in different positions, therefore limiting the time spent in one position, whilst being fully supported through their spine and hips.

Less crying, better feeding

In a study published in The American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, researchers found that babies carried for at least 3 hours per day, in either parents’ arms or an infant carrier, cried less than babies in a control group. Researchers hypothesised that the reduction in crying could result in better feeding, and more carrying could also reduce colic. Babymoon's unique design keeps the wearers centre of gravity in its natural position, and uses its broad shoulder straps to distribute the babys weight evenly through the body. This combination alleviates any pain and discomfort for the wearer, enabling baby to be worn for longer periods of time. Babymoon also enables discreet breastfeeding, so you can feed on demand whilst wearing your baby.

Promoting breastfeeding

In a study focused on evaluating the effects of KMC on exclusive breastfeeding, researchers found that there was a 4.1 time increase in exclusive breastfeeding time for mothers that performed KMC compared to those that didn’t perform KMC. These results have been echoed in multiple studies, increasing the body of evidence to support the benefits of KMC. We have specially designed our carriers to promote Kangaroo care through the discreet hammock panel design, specifically for the XOXO Mini that is designed for low birth weight babies. The discreet design also enables breastfeeding on demand.

Establishing connections from day one that will last a lifetime

A study published in Child Development regarding the effects of increased physical contact between mothers and babies, showed that babywearing can lead to a stronger bond between parent and child. Mothers who wore their babies in soft baby carriers were more responsive to their babies’ cues than mothers who carried their babies in infant seats. At 13 months of age, children who had been worn in soft carriers showed more secure attachment to their mothers. Creating that secure bond with your baby is core to the Babymoon philosophy. That is why we have developed our carriers to wrap your baby close so they can see, feel and hear you, and to keep them always within kissable reach. The weight distribution enables you to enjoy wearing them close for longer, and our support App gives you all the tools you need to get the most out of your babywearing experience. Brought to you through years of experience and love of life!

Confident parent, calmer baby

Babywearing parents often feel more confident and better able to respond to their babies’ cues, expressions, and movements. Babies worn in carriers may be calmer because their fundamental needs (seeing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling their caregivers) are being met. We’ve got your back. We understand that parenting isn’t always easy, and we don’t pretend that it is. What we offer are well designed solutions to help create a strong foundational relationship with your baby, that focuses on secure attachment and healthy physical development. We can support your journey through tried and tested advice and experience, information and tips that help you get the most out of babywearing. The more you know, the more confident you will be. Babymoons design makes it easy to just give it a try!

Combating Post-Partum Depression

A 2012 study examining the effect of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her infant on post-partum depressive symptoms, concluded that this close contact reduced depressive symptoms and physiological stress in mothers. These mothers were assigned 5 hours of skin-to-skin contact with their babies daily and by the end of the study scored on the lower end of the depressive scales. Post-partum depression is more common than you think, affecting millions of mothers worldwide. Growing bodies of evidence show that outcomes can be altered through skin to skin contact. Babymoons special hammock design enables you to wear your baby skin to skin discreetly. Keeping baby close, and being able to feed on demand. We are working with the UN to test Babymoon in countries like Tanzania, where skin to skin contact is not only important for mothers, but is also life saving for babies. To learn more about our humanitarian work.