What are the benefits of using Babymoon carriers?

Babymoon carriers have many practical benefits, but the most important reason is the ability to hold your baby in the optimum position for their healthy development, in a comfortable and convenient way, from birth through to toddlerhood – the first 1000 days. Babymoon takes a holistic approach to infant development, focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological benefits for both you and your baby. We have interpreted the holistic benefits of traditional wrap, and recreated them in a full buckle carrier that is proven by experts to be better than traditional wraps. The carrier has been designed with strategically placed click & go buckles that do all the work of perfect positioning in less fixtures than other carriers, and in less time to master than wraps, slings or half buckle carriers.

How does the carrier support my baby’s back?

Our carriers are designed to support the natural C-shape curvature, and grow with your baby for each step of the spine development: from newborn to independent sitting - C shape; from independent sitting to walking - J shape; and from walking and on - S shape. The baby’s knees are slightly higher than the buttocks in this carrier (M-position) and the legs are spread from the hips which also produces a clinging reflex. This position is ideal for the development of the spine and hips of your baby.

What is the difference between XOXO mini and XOXO maxi

The core benefit of our XOXO carriers is the ability to hold your baby in the optimum position for their healthy development, in a comfortable and convenient way, from birth through to toddlerhood – the first 1000 days. The XOXO mini is perfect for premature babies (>1.5kgs to 10 kgs), wrapping them in a cuddle that gives them extra special support and protection. With the XOXO mini, you always carry your child in the facing-in position. The XOXO maxi has been specially designed to adapt with your newborn as they grow and develop, providing multiple carrying options (front, hip and back carry) as your confidence grows. Our XOXO Signature range provides the flexibility of the XOXO Maxi, with hand selected fabrics and advanced buckling options.

Will Corona – COVID-19 impact the delivery of my order?

We continue to ship globally, it is possible that our delivery partners experience some additional transit time. We assure that our parcels leave our headquarters in a safe state and our delivery partners take all necessary precautions to deliver them in a safe manner without any contact at your home. Please consult our Corona – Covid-19 page here (link) for more information.

From which age can I use the Babymoon carriers Carrier?

The Babymoon Carrier is ergonomically designed, for use from birth (1.5kg-20kg) all the way into toddler hood. For low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product.

Which are the means of payment accepted by Babymoon care?

Babymoon care allows you to pay online by PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, iDEAL, online bank transfer.

Where do you deliver?

Babymoon care offers free, quick and easy worldwide shipping on all orders.

How do I care for my Babymoon carrier?

Always follow washing instructions on the tag. We recommend spot cleaning your carrier as needed with a soft cloth, lukewarm water.
• Machine washable: Wash at 30°C (86°F) on a delicate program. Line dry in the shade. Only use liquid detergent and do not use softeners. Do not tumble dry.
• Hand wash: Swirl in lukewarm water with a gentle liquid detergent and do not use detergents that can breach the material. Rinse gently in clean water, same temperature as the previous bath, and do not use running water. Squeeze and press water out without wringing. Dry flat in the shade. Iron on wool or silk setting.