Our Mission and Vision

We passionately believe that a love of life demands participation to safeguard it, and to help secure the health of future generations, enabling the best start in life for all infants, regardless of location or means.

We aim to create the best infant care solutions that support families and child care professionals to establish baby wearing as a fundamental for encouraging healthy relationships and better health outcomes for mothers and infants. We want to help parents care holistically for their children through enabling the amazing benefits of traditional babywearing, adjusted for our modern generation.

Babywearing is a skill that has been practiced for centuries and is proven to not only be practical, but to play a significant role in the healthy development of infants, and in establishing confidence for the carrier. It is also a tool that enables attachment parenting, a widely used philosophy that focuses on secure emotional, social and cognitive development and growth through parental empathy and responsiveness, and continuous closeness and touch.

For 15 years we have been designing, testing and fine tuning our baby carriers with healthcare professionals, babywearing consultants, and parents, and are proud of our journey so far.

We have taken a human centred approach to ensure we capture the absolute best way to carry your baby, all in one moderm hammock! The Babymoon XOXO range uniquely combines both the practical and developmental benefits of traditional baby wearing, in a convenient design for the modern family.