Marlijn Louis

What I love most about the baby carrier is that it feels like a natural way of carrying my baby. It feels warm, safe and comfortable. It has this natural feeling of a sling and the ease of a carrier: I can put it on with one hand, while holding my baby. Adjusting is also easy so I am ready to go in not so much time. And there are some practical details such as a little blanket against the sun, and elastics to roll the straps. And because of the beautiful color of the carrier I think it is a jewel to wear!

Marloes De Graaf

I love apron style carriers! It's so easy to take with you on the road and it doesn't feel bulky at all on your body.The shoulder you can spread and that's helping to distribute the weight. And the babywearing geek in me loves all the different options to connect the shoulder straps to the carrier. Not only cool to try all the different methods, it is also very helpful when you have a disability.

Bernadett Berecz

I recommend Babymoon carriers for all families, even to those who just start babywearing because these carriers are easy to use for anyone. With the straps and buckles of the carrier, the babywearing person can change the baby's position easily. The carrier is suitable for front, hip, and back carrying due to its smart design, while the usage is kept simple, making it easy and accessible for everyone. The carrier is lightweight and can be packed up, therefore it can be put into your bag and taken with you anywhere you go. Babymoon carriers are made of natural fabrics, so they are not too hot in the summer and it is not a problem if your baby chews them. Due to the soft fabric and the design, one single carrier can be used for a long period of time of your baby's life. Moreover one carrier can be used for more babies one after the other, as the fabric, the straps, and the buckles are made of durable materials.Summarising, I like the simple but clever design of Babymoon which still offers many possibilities to babywearing families.

Carine Deborah

I would recommend Babymoon to every parent.They are comfortable and handy. Babymoon makes your work easier since you can continue with all your other activities as the baby enjoys being carried by you. They come in beautiful colours. I would recommend Babymoon for all the moms, who want to live a whole life even with a baby on themself.

Julia Vaslyuk

It's a lifesaver for my back.First of all, I am always confident in the safety of my baby, and he, in turn, feels fine and comfortable).All household chores have become easier and more pleasant!

Gladys Kimani

I first used a Babymoon carrier when my baby was around 15 months old. She was heavy and I wanted something that I could use to carry her around. The carrier from Babymoon was perfect because the straps were steady and therefore my baby stayed in place. There was also enough room for my baby therefore she was comfortable .There was also a base strap that distributed the baby’s weight evenly so my back did not hurt. You could also use the baby moon carrier to carry your baby at the back or front. Also ideal if you are breastfeeding, as you can do it while the baby is strap on you. I am happy with the carrier. And highly recommend it.